4 course cut burgers, preferably dry-aged.
4 slices Comté cheese
4 brioche buns
Garlic Mayonnaise (add to taste)
Handful of freshly-shredded iceburg lettuce
4 slices of thick cut beef tomato
2 large gherkins sliced thinly lengthwise
Good quality tomato chutney (add to taste)


  1. Heat a heavy based ridged grill pan on the hob ( or if you're willing to brave the winter chill fire up the barbeque!). Burgers are best cooked for a short time on a high heat.
  2. Season the burgers with salt and pepper
  3. Lay the burgers seasoned side down in the hot pan and cook for three minutes.
  4. Season the top of the burgers, turn and cook for a further 4 minutes for medium rare or five minutes for medium
  5. Take the base of each bun and place on a plate and you can then start to build your burger!
  6. We like... layer of garlic may, lettuce, tomato, gherkin, chutney, burger with cheese on top.... but half the fun is in finding your perfect layering combo!
  7. Place the top of the bun on top of your creation and serve with crispy fries and plenty of ketchup and mayo to dunk your chips in.
  8. Tuck in!

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